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How to Send Us Artwork

You can send digital (computer-generated) or non-digital (hard copy) artwork. Digital artwork can be either vector or raster (bitmap) imaged.
Digital (Computer-Generated) artwork:
Acceptable file media:
       • CD-ROM mailed or couriered to:
         GraphiCal Creations, Inc
         105 Pine Forest Drive
         Locust, NC 28097
       • E-mail Attachment (

Vector Format
All artwork intended for router and/or plotter applications such as cut vinyl, ADA signs or dimensional letters must be vector imaged. It cannot be raster (bitmap) imaged.
Acceptable vector file formats, in order of preference:
       • EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)
       • AI (Adobe Illustrator)
For vector artwork:
      1. Unlock all layers.
      2. Text should not be left as fonts. All text must be converted. In Adobe Illustrator text
           should be converted to outlines.

Raster (Bitmap) Format
Raster (bitmap) files are acceptable for digital print applications only.
Acceptable raster file formats, in order of preference:
       • TIF (TIFF bitmap) recommended
       • PSD (Adobe Photo Shop)
       • BMP (Windows bitmap) not recommended for larger graphics
       • JPG (or JPEG) low quality, not recommended

Note: Do not send us vector and bitmap artwork in the same file. Separate the two and put boxes in the vector file showing where the bitmap artwork is to be placed. Include a hard copy showing what the combined artwork should look like.

Non-Digital or Hard Copy Artwork
If your artwork is hard copy (non-digital) that needs to be scanned, here is what to do:
       1. Send artwork as large as possible up to 8” x 14”

Artwork Modification Rate
Artwork modifications and corrections are made at a rate of $100 per hour.



"There is no comparison in sign companies if you are looking for outstanding service, creative ability and know-how. GraphiCal is who I have chosen to partner with for all of the signage needs of the builders represented by BSI. I have been so
pleased with their follow-through and efforts to constantly help me create ‘outside the box’ ideas"

Michelle Doss
Marketing Director

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